What is a Wealth Consultant?

What is a Wealth Consultant?

Posted by Todd Gotlieb in Blog 16 Nov 2018

by Michael Bronstine

A financial services firm that offers a process towards successful investing not just products. It acts as a personal CFO to those with wealth who have accumulated assets but do not spend the time or energy to seek out and assess the numerous financial opportunities available. A wealth consultant works with a team of best-in-field professionals to oversee and manage the best investment strategy that fits the clients risk profile and goals.

A wealth consultant provides unbiased advice and objectivity and is a valuable resource with a mission of helping clients pursue and achieve their financial dreams while overseeing the integration and coordination of both the client’s existing team of professionals with those of the wealth consultant.

Do I need a Wealth Consultant?

1. Have you accumulated wealth?
2. Are your assets currently invested?
3. Do your advisors speak to one another to customize your financial plans?
4. Are you taking advantage of all the tax strategies designed for individuals of wealth?

Most successful businessmen and professionals have covered the basics of financial planning. You likely have a will, an RRSP and purchased life insurance at some point. Along the way various individuals sold you products, but no one person took on the role of Quarterback, leaving you with a non-integrated plan. If you desire a more “customized” financial approach, then you should consider a wealth consultant. Our self-assessment questionnaire can help you identify and assess the needs of your business and your family.
GBK Strategic Financial Partners self-assessment questionnaire is a good place to start when considering engaging and reviewing your family’s broader financial picture. It will help you assess the degree to which you have a handle on your financial affairs and where you may need some help getting and keeping them in good order – for your own sake and for your family.

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